I changed password on the website but can not log into app

I changed password on the iNaturalist website but can not log into into the iPhone 3.1.1 app any more.
I logged out iphone iNaturalist 3.1.1. but can not login anymore into the iphone app,

I thought i could login with Google of Facebook, but i am not allowed to choose that option. It here a weird workflow ? The keyboard is hiding these options.

I can not use the facebook options…it should be on top of the page in stead of the bottom. Now the key board is hiding those options. It would be smart to put those options on top, way above the keyboard of the iphone. It seems i am now in a deadlock, iterating loop without getting out. I all removed and reinstalled the app an i am not able to choose facebook or gooogle or appleid

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If you are trying to log in with a username and password, there should be no need to use the Apple ID, Google, or Facebook options. I see that the keyboard does cover the buttons at the bottom if you start typing in the username or password, but it shouldn’t be an issue since you won’t be clicking those to log in. If you close the log-in screen and re-open it, the buttons should be visible again. If you are trying to log in with Apple ID, Google, or Facebook, you won’t need to type in a username or password.

It seems the website does not/did not accept the old and the new password on another computer and on the iphone app. but after in en reinstall and trying ten times i am in.
I have many many doubts about the new profile page.
The old one never gave any problems and needed less clicking to find what you want.

It does work now on this computer but it seems very very unreliable. And the worst thing is that the option to use google or facebook are appliID are disappearing under the keyboard so i can not use it at all. If you have stored a password the keyboard is always ther. The Go/fac buttons are visible but i can not reach them

It did not accept the old and the new password and i was not able to reach te facebook option as everytime the keyboard was showing up