I got tricked today

This one tricked me along with several very experienced lichen folks. I had marveled at the tenacity of this beautiful lichen growing on a busy sidewalk. A bit worn from foot traffic, but thriving none the less. Only later, after taking a sample for spot testing and spore examination did its lack of a medulla layer and distinctive spearmint odor shine through. :-)



I can’t tell you how many “birds” I have seen and photographed that were actually driftwood, knots on tree branches (especially in certain lighting), and large piles of leaves stuck up in the trees in winter. Oops. I almost always realize it when I check my photos in the field, but I have brought home one or two to look closely at only to discover the particularly bird-like pile of leaves or log.

Thought I’d share this Bird and Moon comic which is super relevant to this: New Types of Birds - Bird and Moon


This is among the best trickery observations, whoah

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Given the pond(?) habitat, I’d say it looks like Papyrus inanimis metallicum ;)

It does look legit at first glance. Nicely done, whomever put those there.

I wasn’t tricked by these, but several of my traveling companions were. They were pretty excited to tell me I’d finally found the puffins I’d been wanting to see.


I encountered a similar such this week, except that I thought it was an insect gall.


I have been tricked numerous times to the sound Amazon trucks make backing up. I always think it’s a corvid or something, very disappointing.

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So much for the Amazon smiley! Can totally hear it too after watching this video for example.

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