I made the Mediterranean disappear!

Several years ago in 2013, I created the Mediterranean place which was subsequently used for more than 40 projects! However yesterday as I was trying to slightly edit the border of this place I accidentally suppressed the border of the polygon! I am not able to redraw it nor re-upload it as a KML since its area is “lager than the state of Texas” which is a limitation for saving a new place.

As so much projects depend on this place please could a curator allow me to edit places without size limitations (I still have the KML file on my computer) so I can re-upload it.

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If you haven’t had any private response to this yet from a curator, best to email help@inaturalist.org for assistance. With luck the Mediterranean can be recovered!

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I suspect a place the size of the Med will be too large even for curators to create. This will likely require site staff help. It is a holiday in the US today, so some patience is likely required.


I have sent an email to help@inaturalist.org containing the KML file. I hope it will be back soon.

Congratulations! An epic deed. Seriously, the site staff are the best option.

OK, the KML has been added to the place so it should be updating.

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Was it the size that stopped it uploading, or the boundary “crossing” in places?