I need a curator's help

Hello and thanks in advance for any help.

I am trying to create a “place” with a KML file that is slightly larger than 1MB. Reading the input page I learned that curators have a 5 MB limit, while normal participants like me have a 1 MB file size limit for places. Any help is welcome.


If the boundary is only complex you can use these to reduce the file size.

Reduce decimal places, strips file down: https://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2016/03/making-kml-files-smaller-reducing-precision.html
Use the simplify tab to simplify geometry until it starts changing noticeably but no further: https://mapshaper.org/


Yes, I would suggest creating a simpler kml file as mentioned above. Complex places put a strain on iNat’s resources, so this is the reason for the size restriction for the place files.

That work perfectly, shrank the file by half.