I would really appreciate reading more about you than, "I am a naturalist"


As a rote amateur when it comes to many taxa, is so helpful to know where any one person’s expertise lays. Are you a student in a certain field, if so, for how long? Are you a professional? Have you been a citizen scientist studying broadly or specifically? More specificity helps me parse the quality of your identification suggestions! I know that we all make mistakes (I might lead in that category), but knowing the depth of your knowledge is so very helpful.

This is my plea for everyone to say a bit more about themselves on the bio page. Thanks, Pam



A partial solution might be some statistics on the user’s observations and identifications, both in terms of taxa and geography. I agree with your request, but this could be a way to learn about a user’s experience and expertise that doesn’t rely on the user writing a biography (if they really don’t want to). In my case, such statistics might reveal that my specialty is North American Odonata, and that I have some knowledge of moths in the Pacific Northwest (besides a smattering of observations and IDs among other taxa).



I like Jim’s idea. The people who do a ton of IDs usually have profiles. But this could be useful for some of the experts who aren’t so into technology. If I see someone with no icon and no profile, it is easy to overlook their expert ID.

It could also be useful to identify what states and countries a user is most active in. I often go to a person’s observations to see how likely they are familiar they are with species in my area before I decide how reliable their IDs are. There are some experts who can ID at least to family their specialty anywhere in the world. But I and many others are only good at our local species.



I like the location thing. Perhaps it would be neat to have it listed under the name (province/state, country) as they are under the name in eBird profile, example of that below

Just my thought, not sure how logistically realistic that is :-)

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