Identification count reset to 10 000

My ID count randomly reset from ~38 000 to 10 000 on my profile. Making new IDs doesn’t increase the count either. Checking my ID count via the explore tab shows the correct number.

This is likely related to the recent upgrade. It may have just been fixed. If you make a new ID does the count get fixed?

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Making new IDs doesn’t fix it, stays at 10k

How about if you make another ID now?

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Still no

Now it’s fixed :)


mine was showing 10000 before as well, but making a few ID’s fixed it.

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I’ve made a few IDs, and the count is (probably) correct at 23,000 on my Profile page, but still sits at 10,000 on my IDs page.

now that I look, it’s like that for me as well…

My profile is showing 9748 and the ID page is also showing 10000.

Ditto now that I check that too

Issues with counts being stuck at 10,000 are related to the recent upgrade. This case should be fixed now


Fixed on my pages. Thanks, Patrick!

Different figures though:
Profile page says I’ve made 23,018 IDs
IDs page says I’ve made 24,599 IDs

Things that make you go hmmmm…;-)

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This has always been the case. My educated guess about this is that the ID page essentially double counts IDs when you rectify your mistakes/refine your IDs. So if I make an ID of bird on an ob, but then later change it and make a species ID, that gets counted as 2.

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