Identification Identifiers API endpoint doesn't return results beyond page 1 if per_page parameter is specified

The Get Identification Identifiers API endpoint
( doesn’t return any results beyond page 1 if per_page is also specified as a parameter in the request.

(expected) this returns results (when per_page is not included):

(unexpected) this returns no results (when per_page=30 is included in parameters):

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looks like it’s possible to get only the top 10 identifiers from the first page these days.

neither of the links above now return any results (since they ask for results from page 2).

this reports 30 records returned per page (default, since no per_page parameter specified), but it’s really returning only 10:

this reports 100 records returned (which seems to be the max, since my per_page=300), but it still returns only 10:

this reports 9 records returned, and returns 9 records, matching my input:

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