API identifications: including observed_d1 or observed_d2 returns no results

I was using @pisum’s helpful tool to display a simple table of top leading/improving identifiers within a certain place, timeframe, taxon, etc, but it looks like including observed_d1 (in this case, to limit the results to IDs on observations from 2019) now returns no results.

Here’s the API link I was previously using successfully, but no longer: https://api.inaturalist.org/v1/identifications/identifiers?taxon_id=47126&category=improving,leading&place_id=35&observed_d1=2019-01-01&own_observation=false (0 results)

And here’s a link that does work (just removed observed_d1): https://api.inaturalist.org/v1/identifications/identifiers?taxon_id=47126&category=improving,leading&place_id=35&own_observation=false (1954 results)


taking out the ‘observed_’ and just using ‘d1’ returns a good chunk of results:


I think it accomplishes the same thing that it sounds like observed_d1 used to, maybe it’s a recent change?

From the API Reference:
First date of a date range
Allowed values: Date strings in the form yyyy-mm-dd, e.g. 2001-05-02.

Similar, but that’ll return IDs “created on or after this date”, which is different than IDs of “Observations observed on or after this date”. i.e. it’ll show all IDs made in 2019, which will include a bunch of IDs on observations that were observed in 2018 and earlier.

Gotcha, sorry!

Huh yeah, it also doesn’t work for just

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Sorry about that. This should be fixed now


Great, thank you!