Identification of Catorhintha species from photos

Given the similarities in physical appearance of Catorhintha selector and Catorhintha texana, is there any way to distinguish these species in photos? I am wondering whether identification beyond genus is meaningful and, if it is, what level of expertise is required,

According to Revision del Genero Catorhintha en el Continente Americano (Hector Mario Garcia Gomez, 1985), this is what separates the two (translation by Google):

-Third antennal segment black; legs yellow and with a spaced black spot — selector (Stal)
-Third antennal segment black with yellow apex; legs yellow and thickly spotted black — texana (Stal)

I haven’t been able to locate any of the keys by Brailovsky. I think it is a relatively difficult genus to ID from photographs alone. For now, I mostly ID to genus until I can learn more or until more research is done.

Hope this helps some.

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Andrey Peraza has identified my observations of C. selector (to my knowledge we do not have C. texana here) and may have key information but I am unaware of their level (if any) of English.

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