#IdentiFriday is the happiest day of the week




My husband and I call Thursday “Faux Friday”. Happy Friday to all!


Is there a way to count your ids for one particular day?


I just go to my ID list and scroll through until I find the day I’m looking for (the ID info boxes have an “added on” date), then count by pages and when I run out of pages, individually, all the ones made on that date. Tedious and annoying, but it works.

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if you look at the identifer stats page: https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNat_identifier_stats.html?user_id=melodi_96, you can click on view “detail” in the “IDs (all)” or “IDs (for others)” sections, and that will give you a list of your IDs ordered by identification date descending. there’s an index number (“Rec #”) on the left that you can use to help you count your IDs.

you can also just capture your count at the beginning of the day, and then subtract that from your count at the end of the day.

i wrote some logic in the stats page to give you a count of IDs in the last 24hrs, but it’s hidden in the code (not active) because i didn’t think there was a good way to present that without multiple permutations of that.


How about a similar thing to what we use for IDathon:
(@pisum made this, I do believe)

I’m not completely sure all the elements of that are necessary, and of course it’s in UTC so it may not match what you’re thinking of as “Friday.”


Wow, it’s a cool thing anyway!

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You can adjust the time zone if you know what time in UTC is midnight where you are. So like for me, my midnight is 7 am UTC, so I’d want d1=2021-10-22T07:00:00&d2=2021-10-23T06:59:59

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Please to bring your ID skills South

I like to sort that display by species - and am sure non-Capetonians would appreciate support and encouragement. The species only counts once it has Community ID. The list of participating places … is … long.


It’s FRIDAY!!! And for once, I remembered that it’s #IdentiFriday. Will I still remember by the time I get home from a long, hard hike? Probably not, but at least I got in a grand total of one ID before I leave to go hiking. I hope the rest of you do better than me!


I finished Pterygota today, still plenty to id for those interested, especially galls/mines, but many of more easy ids too


Today I’m working on the Native Plant Society of Texas BioBlitz from last week, focusing on Southeast Texas. https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wild-plants-of-texas-npsot-challenge-bioblitz-2021 Anyone want to help me with bushes and trees? That’s one of my weak spots. Especially non-native ones, of which there are quite a lot in Houston.


I finished reviewing Cercocarpus trees, where the California bias of iNaturalist really shines through - over 1/2 of all observations of the genus are in that state. Back to Penstemon and there are so many species level IDs to correct thanks to CV thinking all purple flowers are Penstemon strictus.

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i went through this past week’s needs ID observations in the Greater Houston area this morning and identified things that were obvious to me. later today, if i have time, i can go through and focus specifically on the bioblitz observations, though i’m not sure how much of a dent i’ll be able to put in it.

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Feels good, doesn’t it? I achieved the same a couple of days ago on Coccinellidea.

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Can’t say, there’re also 971 pages of 100 obs at insect level, so probably more than a year work. :(

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An entire year without having to worry about what to do next! What more can you ask for? :grinning:

I’m concentrating a bit more on learning new species (or larvas for species I already know the adults of) now, which will lead to reviewing a couple of thousands obs once again eventually. And when next year’s observation wave starts I’ll hopefully have raised the I-can-ID-it-percentage within ‘my’ family by a few points.


I came and made some wild, yet slightly educated guesses for some unknowns.

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Much appreciated. I’ve looked at 2K and there’s only 9K to go.

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