Does anyone have these links

So I’m sorry to make a Forum post about this, but does anyone have links to

finding your average number of IDs per day

finding your average number of observations per day

finding your longest streak
or any other helpful links? Thanks!


Average IDs per day (courtesy of @pisum)


Here is a link to find your longest streak: (to the best of my knowledge it was made by syntheticbee and mapsandapps)


I started iNatting last summer and didn’t even know about streaks until the new year. Since then I’ve been trying to get a better streak in 2022. I’ll definitely be using this, thank you for sharing! :)

Oh, love this. Especially the details about the IDs. Love numbers and stats and I am surprised to see that almost 4% of IDs for others are for plants… almost as much as for birds and I for sure feel I know much less about plants then birds :sweat_smile:


That’s funny. My bird IDs are between 3 and 4%. Plants 80 and insects 15 :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like I have one “Maverick” ID, is there a way for me to locate this so I can review it?

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Paste your username.


Thanks all! i will be using these a lot, I’m sure!

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The big junk with 76% is for sure arachnids and then i nsects are next with 9%… rest is spread out :-)

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I just used the line to search for my maverick ID’s. Several of the recent ones were misclicks of organisms that I can easily identify. Embarrassing – and a clue that I should slow down a bit.

Of course, many were pure misidentifications. I’m not disturbed by the cases where the observation was an unknown and I offered a first ID that was in the general area and attracted people who could name it. (Solifuge? I had no idea what a solifuge is.) Some of the other cases were more problematic.

Must admit I left in some maverick ID’s that others have labeled “human,” for observations added to Geralds of the World project.


Thanks for the reminder to scan these! Due to a taxon swap, a prior “general” ID had gone “maverick” – it was good to find and remove my ‘disagreement’.


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