Identify page / State of matter Life / Disagreeing should be allowed

In the case of a multiple-species observation, it is recommended to ID at the lowest possible compatible taxonomical rank. With disagreement with all lower ranks, otherwise it would be pointless.

If we have plants and animals in different pictures, then it would make sense to ID at the “State of matter Life” rank, with disagreement. But disagreeing with lower ranks is not proposed at the “State of matter Life” level.


In this observation, the ID “State of matter Life” becomes pointless, because of the impossibility to disagree with lower ranks.


Disagreeing with lower ranks is available at the level of ‘Life’. When prompted with this window:
You need to pick the orange option to explicitly disagree. You selected the green option on both observations, and thus the community taxon did not change to life. I’ve added disagreeing Life IDs to both.


Sorry! How did I miss it?

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I think in Identify mode, if you select state of matter life it doesn’t let you choose whether you explicitly disagree or just know it is life. It just assumes the green option. But if you open up the observation page and ID it as state of matter life from there it lets you choose. At least, this is what it used to do to me. Maybe the bug has been fixed since I last ran into it.


You’re spot on, this is still the problem. Adding ‘Life’ via Identify does not allow explicit disagreement


Could you confirm you made the ID via the identify page? You’re not going crazy!

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as far as i can tell, the option to disagree only pops up if you use Add ID and type it in and does not come up if you make a choice under the suggestions tab from the Identify page. i don’t know if that is going in here but fyi.

Yes, using the Identify page, while reviewing observations identified at the Family Fabaceae level.

I can reproduce the issue like this:

  • Identify page.
  • Click on the button “Add ID”.
  • Type in “life” in the control text box.
  • Select “State of matter Life” as suggested.
  • Click on the button “Save”.

So, with the button “Add ID” also, we can miss the option to disagree.

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I experience this in Identify as well. I have for a long time. I have found that if I enter Life a second time, however, I do get the option to choose the orange or green (agree or disagree). I don’t know why it “takes” on the second try but not the first.

I hadn’t noticed before that this problem occurs only in Identify, but not in Explore. I can’t think of any reason that the choice should be given in one but not the other, but I just tried both to confirm, and got the same result you did. Maybe this should be a bug report?

Yes. Thanks!

I changed the category as “Bug Reports” and the thread title.

ah (took a while to find an obs to try on) so from the Identify->Info tab Add ID, Life doesn’t trigger the agree/disagree option, but that does work for everything else. my point was also that it is inconsistent between the Info and Suggest tabs.

(i have not searched) i suppose someone should put together a tutorial post on splitting an observation to link to for these problem observations.

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Filed a bug report here:


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Just noting this has been fixed.