Identify Search for Life with Disagreements

I know I’ve seen this somewhere, but I can’t find it. What URL addition can be used to search Identify for Life with disagreements - basically, when a kingdom can’t be agreed upon. I would like to search for and identify these, since it takes four correct IDs to change the observation taxon from “Life”, and they end up languishing there forever. Perhaps @pisum can tell me? You seem to know a lot about iNat’s URLs. Thanks for any advice.


there are a few different ways to approach this, but to get everything that is at Life (taxon_id=48460 or rank=stateofmatter) which has a disagreement (which would imply an identification in one of the 8 iNat kingdoms, ident_taxon_id=1,47126,47170,47686,48222,67333,131236,151817), i would go with:,47126,47170,47686,48222,67333,131236,151817

if you’re better at specific taxa, you can look for only cases which have identifications in a particular taxon or set of taxa that you know. see for some predefined URLs and additional tips.


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