If you could be any organism besides a human, what would it be?

I have the answer! May be offensive to some.


I would be a deadly virus so I could help get rid of these pesky humans. Just kidding! Too soon? Actually, I would be a house cat. You get to sleep a lot without paying rent!

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As frustrating and limiting as day-to-day life as a human can be, I quite like it overall, so I’d want to be something that would let me continue my regular life. I’d give the smart-aleck answer of “Neanderthal,” but that might be getting too much into what is and is not human. Maybe a bonobo? On a completely different note, a raven or parrot such as a kea would be fun as well, I think.


Instead of being human I would love to be a Perentie. I know that its gonna be fun being a Perentie. I will have a good running speed,i will be like 10 to 12 foot tall,eat once in like 3 to 4 months if I feed on a Kangaroo and rest of the time just sleep under a tree.

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After learning about the amazing visual acuity of birds, I want to be a great blue heron

I’d love to be Bonobo Monkey

Living in mostly unspoilt tropical forest and having many orgies - two things I don’t get nearly enough of in my Human form :sweat_smile:

Wild bonobos don’t really do that a lot, so you’d need to be one in a zoo.

I would choose a red tailed hawk. Having the ability to freely soar through the sky would be brilliant. Especially a hawk, being that they have few predators, and I chose a red tailed hawk because it’s my favourite hawk species.


And you could get a job as a voice actor in movies/tv dubbing over eagles.


A seabird would be neat, perhaps maybe a Marbled Murrelet, you could dive underwater in kelp forests and eelgrass beds, but you could also fly near the cities and marinas, and go and visit the fish and chip restaurants and the boardwalks, but you can also fly out to the open ocean see the ferocity of the Pacific, then you can go to the old growth forests of the PNW to nest, A little bit of everything!

I also think it would be interesting to be small, like perhaps a Salamander or Newt, living in a lush forested wetland, the strangeness of their small worlds, eating insects, traversing the forest floor to seek freshwater to lay eggs and breed, freshwater ponds can be so fascinating underwater, so many tiny life forms, tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, mosquitos, lilypad bulbs etc.

who knows!