I'm being automatically logged out of iNaturalist

Also having this issue - I’m getting logged out much more frequently than in the past, and it doesn’t seem to matter which browser I use (Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Android, Samsung mobile browser, MS Edge for Windows…). I sometimes have to log in several times a day.

I encountered it just now after restarting my browser. I was logged in before shutting the browser down, having logged in last night.
My remember_user_token cookie was present straight after restarting the browser, before heading to inaturalist.nz (I purposely checked before going there). Once I visited https://inaturalist.nz/observations/identify I was shown the login screen and the remember_user_token was deleted.

I’ve done a little digging through the code and my best guess is that it’s deleting the cookie because it’s hitting this line of code due to the cookie being thought to be invalid for some reason (scratch that this code is no longer used).
The devise gem (where Rememberable is housed) was upgraded from 4.71 to 4.80 as part of the Rails 5 upgrade. I couldn’t find any release notes that hinted at any change around Rememberable, but perhaps there’s some change there that no longer plays well with the way inat is using it?


More frequently logged out here on Chrome too - not mid session, but after closing the browser tab, with ‘remember me’ ticked.

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I just wanted to add my voice to this. I use both Microsoft edge, and Google Chrome. I used both this morning, but this evening I had to sign in to Edge. And probably will when I use Chrome next. It used to be about once a month, and now it is random. Every three or four days, it seems. I always check ‘remember me’ when I log in. It’s not really a major problem, but is kind of annoying.

same here. Also chrome. Also suddenly happening every day instead of once every now and then.

This used to only happen to me sporadically (time-scale of weeks) and I assumed it was normal cookie-or-token expiring.

But recently it has started happening more frequently. Today I’ve had to log in twice from the same browser. It has become slightly annoying, and I would love to be able to troubleshoot it.

Happening as often as three times in a few hrs, Chrome on Android

iNat forgetting my login has been happening again to me in the past week.

And like how this other person says, it’s too intermittent for me to be able to figure out what triggers it.

FWIW: I had closed my browser and shut down my computer last night, and this morning after rebooting, for the first time in several weeks, I did not have to log in anew to iNaturalist. A pleasant surprise…and fingers crossed. Safari 14.1.2 on a Mac (Mojave 10.14.6).

This has been happening to me intermittently for the past several weeks (Firefox 92.0, Linux). I got frustrated enough to monitor my cookies and today I caught it in the act. I monitored Firefox’s cookies.sqlite database as I shut down the browser while logged into iNaturalist, restarted the browser, and navigated to https://www.inaturalist.org. The remember_user_token cookie was present with an expiration date of 10 Oct 2021 when I shut down the browser, and still present when I restarted Firefox, but disappeared as I opened the iNaturalist page. So, apparently something in the iNat startup is deleting the cookie even though it has not expired.

Hope this helps debug the problem. (Sorry, I didn’t get screenshots.)

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