Implementing a bunch of fish changes

A paper from a few months ago (see is the largest DNA study of damselfishes to date, and it rearranges subfamilies, moving many genera around, plus splitting a few large genera and merging a couple too. The paper has been accepted and integrated into the taxonomy from the Catalog of Fishes. Fishbase hasn’t yet picked it up, but they seem to run a 4-5 year lag for this sort of thing. I’ve seen a few flags already requesting some of these changes be made to iNat’s taxonomy.

Is there reason to create a change_group and do them all at once, or can they be made piecemeal? When making a change to a taxon with hundreds of observations, at what point do I need to be concerned about the server load this represents? Does moving a genus from one subfamily to another present the same server load as changing a species?

I have been doing taxon_changes for years and know how to do them, I’ve just never made a change quite this big and want to do it right.


Suggest reading this

Best reason for a group is it can make searching and tracking what you have done easier. Doing a group does not mean doing it all at once, you can still gradually tackle