Import Data From Odonata Central to iNat?

I submitted a number of ode records to Odonata Central (OC) long before I began using iNat. I see that it is possible to cross submit to iNaturalist when entering on OC. My question is if it is possible to do the reverse, i.e. import my submissions (simply, please!) from OC to iNat instead of entering them individually?

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I’m a vetter for my state at Odonata Central. The new platform at OC was rolled out this spring and, as you note, it allows import of records from iNat to OC, although I’ve not tried that myself. But I don’t believe there is any method that allows the reverse, other than entering them one at a time. I can inquire with the OC site manager and programmers.


The OC website manager says: No…iNat could eventually pull records from GBIF like we do, but I don’t think they are interested in that. iNat would have to develop a way to import user records from OC (like OC did for the reverse) if they were so inclined.

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I really appreciate your looking into this. Thanks!

If OC has an API iNAT might be willing to make it possible.

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