Import Herpmapper data from CSV

I have been seriously considering the move over to iNat from Herpmapper. But unfortunatly the raw output .CSV files of Herpmapper were not accepted by iNat. Does anyone know of a simple fix because I’m really not wanting to move the 1.5k records over by hand.

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Hi @harryws, welcome to the forum! Can you describe what you mean by the CSV file not being accepted, such as with screenshots or the error message you received?

There are some notes on rules/formatting for CSV file imports here:

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Hi Harry, definitely would be great to get your obs. I’m sure a bunch of iNat folks would be happy to help make this work for you.

Looks like a quotation issue. Check out items 4 and 5 in the formatting link that @bouteloua posted above:

" 4. Use well-formed CSV. This means text with commas must be enclosed with double-quotes. Most spreadsheet applications should export CSV in this format.
5. Don’t use double quotes anywhere else"

If you have excel or some other spreadsheet processing program you should be able to fix the quotation issues.

For trouble shooting I would recommend saving a short 5-to-10 row spreadsheet and trying to import that file into iNaturalist first. If you can figure out what’s wrong in a short subsample of your data you can then go on to fix the rest of it more easily.

Hope that helps a bit.


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