INat data used for local story about fungi

SF Bay Area mushroom guide


Could you share some personal interesting points the article brought up and share the introduction of the article? I feel that makes the topic and article more appealing.

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@tisli Yes, good idea, in case this is a paywalled article (I ~think~ the SF Chronical allows a limited number of free access articles per month, not sure).

The map is interactive and shows the locations where different sorts of mushrooms :mushroom: were found. The story describes some of their characteristics. It makes the point that this is a guide to observing mushrooms for enjoyment, rather than foraging for food.

The story includes discussions with Debbie Viess, a local mushroom expert.

“With the arrival of winter rains, fungi are fruiting across the Bay Area. Enthusiasts are looking for mushrooms both common and rare, many logging their sightings on the nature observation platform iNaturalist. The Chronicle used mushroom observation data from December 2022 and January 2023 to create a map of where fungi might be found this season. We hope our tool helps you plan your own fungi-finding expedition.”

Here are some screenshots extracts from the article:

BTW, If the screenshots (a small portion of the article) are deemed to be a copyright violation, let me know and I will delete them.


Fair use usually specifically includes brief reviews. Some copyright notices even say that specifically.

I find it rather concerning that the mushroom emoji :mushroom: is found in the “Food and Drink” category rather than the “Animals and Nature” category. This is clearly Amanita muscaria or one of its close relatives. Don’t eat it!


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