iNat development for museums or research centres - improve the value of "research grade" data

Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have a few different feature requests in here. Each feature request should address a single issue, with a descriptive title such as “Limit identifications to specialists only”, “Export observations based on my identifications”, or “Create Research Grade system for medialess observations by vetted observers”.

I believe this can be achieved within the current system by using a traditional project and exporting the “project curator ID”. It can also be achieved by querying iNaturalist observations and using an external program or database for managing your own identifications outside of the system. The community identification is a big part of iNaturalist and I don’t foresee the site staff changing this to favor specialists only.

An open feature request that partly addresses this desire is: Search and filter identifications , in which you could more easily sort identifications and export the observations based on your “specialist’s” ID.

The data aren’t “lost” by any definition. Observations without media are, by default, added to range maps, they can be searched for, viewed, and exported.

I’m not sure what you mean by this part. Some more details might be helpful. Misidentified observations are automatically removed from Research Grade status when the community taxon no longer has a greater than 2/3 agreement on the ID. That is, if 2 people say it’s SpeciesA, it is Research Grade, but if a 3rd person comes and says actually it’s SpeciesB, the observation is no longer Research Grade and it returns to the Needs ID category.