iNat project quality assurance project plans?

Have any project admins written a quality assurance project plan for their iNaturalist project? I’m looking for examples of how you discussed data quality objectives and indicators and data management.

I have for a localized project, but that’s mostly because everyone in the project participated in training sessions over zoom and/or in person before being added to the project. We also examined the skill level of most participants in the project.

In these a specific data quality objective or indicator you were curious about?

This will be a very typical iNat project that will be filtered primarily by taxonomic level ID which, depending on the organism, the minimal threshold is somewhere between order and family. Training of the observer will not be a consideration nor are the methods particularly standardized. The level of data rigor is pretty low as the data is to be used to document presence and the cross check of the community IDs will help ensure identification accuracy. We aren’t worried about completeness or representativeness.

I was just curious just if you went into detail about the DQAs and how you discussed iNaturalist as a data management platform