iNaturalist API requests?

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Platform iOS

Browser, Firefox/R

Description of problem Hello, I am exploring the usage of API’s through iNaturalist from scratch in R (Not using any packages). I had code that worked and I am afraid that I have accidentally created too many API tokens, that now my code will not execute. Is there a way to get around this? Will the account reset after a certain amount of time to generate an API token that will work again? Is there a limit?

R code below:

Install and load required packages

Define the iNaturalist API endpoint
inat_api_url ← “

API token:
api_token ← ‘token is here’

Set the API token in the HTTP headers
headers ← add_headers(Authorization = paste(“Bearer”, api_token))

Test the connection by retrieving user information
response ← GET(url = paste0(inat_api_url, “/users/me”), headers = headers)

Check if the request was successful
if (http_status(response)$status == 200) {
Parse the response content
user_info ← content(response, as = “parsed”)

Print user information
cat(“Connected to iNaturalist API\n”)
cat(“User ID:”, user_info$results[[1]]$id, “\n”)
cat(“User Login:”, user_info$results[[1]]$login, “\n”)
} else {
cat(“Failed to connect to iNaturalist API. Check your API token and try again.\n”)

Response []
Date: 2024-03-28 15:43
Status: 401
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Size: 37 B

where are you getting the api_token value?

iNat has an authorization token and a JWT access token. the api_token in this case should be the JWT access token.

Just to be sure, have you read the API Recommended Practices? It explains the Authentication process pretty well.

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