iNaturalist is getting the date of the photos wrong from the exif data

I naturalist posted this data automatically for this photo for ‘when did you see it’ :2021-06-08 16:48:39
However the photo was taken on June 9th, at 16:33:30
Why isn’t this being recorded properly
2021-06-08 16:48:39

Shown correctly for me

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Also correct here

I’ve also seen some observations recently with just a month and a year, not an exact date. They’re still verifiable for some reason.

Did those observations have obscured geoprivacy? As discussed in this thread, obscuring an observation now obscures the date to month & year. Since there’s still an exact date attached to the observation (just hidden), those still meet the “verifiable” qualifications.


I’m also seeing the correct date and time. Are you still seeing the wrong one, @kgunson?

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