iNaturalist mentioned in print edition of American Scientist

“Clearly, we need to know more about where a wide variety of species occur. Crowd-sourcing applications such as iNaturalist ( are certainly bringing that future closer, however. Since its founding a decade ago, iNaturalist has accumulated more than 16 million observations, many of species that aren’t well known. Nonetheless, we are decades away from being able to map any groups besides vertebrate species with the accuracy needed to set detailed
conservation priorities.”

Connecting Habitats to Prevent Species Extinctions by Stuart L. Pimm and Clinton N. Jenkins, American Scientist, May-June 2019, Volume 107, page 162. Quote is on page 168. Copyright ©2019 by Sigma Xi.

My apologies for not locating a possible on line link to this. I am posting from the remote island of Kosrae on a link that is barely functional and then only during certain times of the day.



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