iNaturalist on Mastodon

One a related note, it’d be cool to be able to have a hyperlink to your Mastodon on your iNat profile that includes the ‘rel=“me”’ attribute, so we can have verified links to iNaturalist on Mastodon :)

(Currently, that attribute is removed if you add it so the link cannot be verified.)


BTW I just found this instance:
Seems like it might be Dutch/English.

@arachnoto I have a couple questions about

  1. I noticed that signups are now requests to join. Is this just an anti-spam measure or do you mean to put a moratorium on new members for now for technical or other reasons?

  2. If sign-ups are still open, would you mind if I join? I changed my name (as you might notice), and I was looking to dissociate my iNat account from my previous name and wanted to make a new Mastodon account for my iNat-related stuff. I do love herps and often get pictures of bugs, though I mainly end up getting tons of plants since they’re just there and easy to get and are often the only kinds of nature one I can encounter in very urbanized and fragmented ecosystems and I’m genuinely interested to learn about the diversity of plants around here even in such inhospitable places.

Also I wouldn’t be useful for IDing much of anything lol.

(I’m asking this partly because the public feed on is empty for some reason.)

Edit: the public feed is no longer empty

I’m bad with new social media. I’m too young to be a ludite, but I kinda am.

But I like the idea of Mastodon and if that is where the Cool Kids™ are moving to, i’d love a way to get off Facebook and IG for good. (I never was on Twitter.)

To date myself:

  1. Did the thing on and apparently am waiting a confirmation email.
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT!

(and uh…I really don’t know what the next step is)
(Profit is of course, that there is none and I can actually see all friend’s posts no ads, if I am following this correctly)

  1. I’m not closing registration; it’s just to manage the flow of new members. Most people are new to Mastodon and I want to make sure I have time to greet people and onboard anyone who needs help. Right now I’m the only admin/mod and I want to keep it relatively small, like 100 people tops.

  2. Please join! If you are using a different nickname just mention iNat in the reason for signing up so I recognize you.

@sunguramy I saw you signed up! There’s a few new signups and I will get around to approving everyone, don’t worry.


Good I need somewhere to scream how excited I am for the successful SLS LAUNCH!! Beyond ecstatic right now. Next stop Mars! Well. After moon again. But MARS!

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Frankly speaking, I also have yet to figure out a number of major social media things despite having grown up with the internet. I have never used Instagram, Tiktok, tumblr, or even things from back in the day like MySpace. And I haven’t been able to wrap my head around Facebook for years now.

Thanks for the info! I already changed my iNat name, but it was a recent change, that’s all. But it’ll be the same here and on the account I’m about to make.

Well I’m on there now! So far I like it, but I don’t understand why I cannot see my friend’s stuff in my feed (I found someone on or something like that, so a different server). Their server wants me to make an account - it wouldn’t let me log in with the same stuff I used on So I am a bit lost as to how to actually see everyones stuff in one feed; the way I understand it, I should be able to .

I have a decent photog following built up on FB and on IG, so I probably won’t get off of them ever to be honest. I probably just added a third thing, hahhhhh. But maybe it will take off and everyone will move over. But I do keep my photog page separate from personal, so I’d need to figure out how to make a photog only page on mastadon.

There’s a search bar when you’re logged into your instance; it’s the box with a magnifying glass. If you find someone you’re interested in, even someone on another instance, you can search for them from your own instance. Assuming both instances federate (which is probably the case, except for instances known for hosting people who let’s just say behave badly), you will now be able to follow them and to see their toots, reply to them, boost them, fave them, and follow them.

It seems this is actually how this whole federation thing works. One instance gradually discovers the users on another instance one by one, seemingly based on whom users on the first instance search for and follow. Then, the “Federated” timeline just shows all the toots from all the users your instance knows of, from what I understand. I was confused about how this “federation” thing works at first, too, until a toot from someone else clued me in on it.

If a particular toot doesn’t show up on that other person’s feed when you view them on your own instance, you can go find that toot on the other instance’s page (as you’ve done), copy the link to the toot (which is usually where the timestamp is displayed), and search for that instead.

(Also that link seems to lead to a page with nothing to display but some sort of Google Adsense thing going on in the page source? Definitely not a Mastodon instance at least.)

it was, i couldn’t remember exactly lol
yeah I found her in the search window like described, and followed, but on the “home” page with all the posts she wasn’t showing in it.
Today she is. Maybe it just took some time, or maybe old ones don’t show maybe you only see fresh stuff posted?

what would iNaturalist do on Mastodon other than just reserve a user id?

doesn’t the iNat API already allow you to get observations into whatever other thing you want to get observations from?

iNat provides an Atom thing that works with most RSS readers, i think.

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just hopped on the bandwagon,


Post the same things they post on the iNat blog, but which then would be boosted by Mastodon users and become more widely read by non-iNat users. It’s just about developing wider social connections.


For folks that join Mastodon, and you want to be found, put #iNaturalist in your Mastodon profile or introduction ‘toot’ and your Mastodon link on your iNat profile. Assuming you do want to be found, of course. Be aware that you may be revealing your geographic location to a broader audience.


Which server should we use? And what will we do if/when iNat will start their own? Will we need to transfer somehow or it doesn’t matter?

It doesn’t really matter which server–they’re mostly connected for cross-server communication. Here’s a catalog of servers. One can transfer to a different server–but that isn’t necessary unless you’re unhappy with the server you originally join.


hmm not the best start

painfully slow load times
tells me my password is wrong when I try to sign in, even though I’m pretty sure it’s correct
when I ask to reset password, the reset email never gets sent to me

How long did it take you to recieve an approving registration email?

are you logging in at

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I am not smart…

I clearly have the technical nous of a Luddite


lol it’s only cause I did the same thing

also folks can catch me at for now