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Just a note for anyone who finds this thread: since it’s just me running things right now, and there’s a good number of people signed up (~60), I’ve closed registrations at It’s important to keep Mastodon servers small, as they can get out of control (both socially and technologically) if you take on more people than you can handle.

However there are new instances springing up all the time; one that people on here might like is!


There is a way to move servers, and to download your archive, but I’m not sure whether it moves your old toots to the new server (probably not?). I haven’t used it myself yet. Here’s a page about it though:

As for finding servers, here’s a list of resources for browsing lists of servers. - a sort of flagship list of instances (a.k.a. servers), including many big ones - more general list of servers organized around particular topic themes - instances centered around a particular geographic area - instances centered around particular interests - smaller servers that are ready for new users - a big list with some filtering options - another big list with some filtering options - science-related servers - big filterable list (can filter for Mastodon instances)

Lesser-known servers probably won’t be there but you can look around on other people’s addresses to see what servers they’re using and check out those domain names yourself to see if they’re servers willing to accept new folks.


Thanks for mentioning this; I’ve now done self-verification!

Y’all can see it here:

Now that I’ve figured it out I can (probably) help anyone who has questions with this.

Ok i am trying to do this and failing spectaculary.
I was even trying to copy how Nev’s looks since I see theirs is confirmed on mastodon. But I can’t seem to get it to work. is my iNat, and it won’t highlight my entire @@, nor will it link to my profile. I’ve also tried the url link in my iNat profile so it looks like and that doesn’t work either.

I haven’t been that active lately on Mastodon (or other social media for that matter) but you can find me at . I mostly talk about autism stuff but if i got more naturalist friends on there would probably talk more about ecology and iNat as well.

Go to your profile settings on Mastodon and look for the “Verification” section at the bottom. It should show some code you can copy that looks like <a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>. Copy that and paste that into your iNat profile. Mastodon needs a link to your profile with the rel="me", so just pasting in your username won’t do the trick.


Ahhhh i didnt knkw we could put code in that about me, i thought it was plain text

Okay i copied/pasted that into my iNat and it seems to work (I changed the “mastodon” to display my user name instead, but otherwise the code is the same, on mastodon it says the text of the link does not matter so that shouldn’t affect it) but it still doesn’t show as verified on mastodon.

I had to remove and re-add the link on mastodon - it will only check a link when it is newly added.


OMG that worked! Thank you so much I’d never have figured that out.


I tried looking for a on Mastodon but couldn’t find such. Is there some other part to the domain name or something like that?

you know, i am still figuring it out and i also was having trouble searching for someone by name the other day. The site may just be laggy because it is overwhelmed. Did you try using a desktop computer? I find the official phone app for mastodon doesn’t work well.

Ah, progress. Seems that rule is repealed. Using good descriptions should be sufficient for folks that want to avoid certain subjects.

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I found this article to be pretty comprehensive, and chose Metatext as a result:

I haven’t read them, but there are some reviews for Android here and here.

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I’ve been pretty happy with Metatext myself.

Sorry for the late reply.

On computer (i.e. “desktop” I guess), I typically use the default web interface (or, technically, the “advanced web interface” option inside Preferences → Appearance). In it, I can put any of the following into the search box and find them: hashtags, links to toots (posts), and links to profiles or people’s addresses.

I also sometimes use Whalebird on my computer. This has a search box too, but I need to specify whether I’m searching for a hashtag, a user, or a post.

(For reference, I’m on Windows.)

On Android, I use Tusky, and I’m pretty happy with it. Like Whalebird, this also has a search box where I need to specify whether I’m looking for a hashtag, user, or post.

I’ve never used the official Mastodon app, sorry. Though I’ve heard that it’s usually not regarded as the best app, but is mainly there so there’s something that people can download to start using the platform easily. Mastodon is an open-source platform, after all, so there are a variety of apps (including many free and open-source).

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