iNaturalist Presentation/Voice Chat with iNat Staff

The iNaturalist Discord server will be hosting a presentation about the iNaturalist organization and a voice chat with some of the iNaturalist staff tomorrow (11/21) at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern.

If you haven’t already paid us a visit over on Discord, here’s an invite link: that will put you in the #introductions channel. From there, just scroll down to the Voice Channels and join :speaker:General to listen, and use #vc-general for text interactions.


Sat, 21 Nov 2020 23:00 UTC

What exactly was the motivation behind this? Was the idea first initiated by the staff or the discord chat members?

By Discord server members - we periodically have guest speakers and informative Voice Chats.


Is there a topic or more general?

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The iNaturalist Organization (think of it being kind of a behind the scenes tour/SWOT analysis of the organization).


Is there an agenda of guest speakers and presentations ?
When is it London or Amsterdam Time ?
My account seems to be used already.,2759794,2759794,5&h=100&hf=1

6pm EST is 12am (Midnight) Sunday in CET (about 2.5 hours from now).

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Thank you, it was nice.
Is it possible to download the presentation aftewards ?
And is there somewhere a list of upcoming presentations.

I am still wondering about the Computer Vision Hardware. How many videocards are in the Computer Vision Calculating machine ? It takes 200 days for calculating, but it is not faster if one add an additional videocard ?

Dia10 Running the Servers…
The increasing number of sessions has increased from 5,000 to 80.000 but the hardware stayed the same ?

Presentation material here:


I have asked a server member to present on his work with vegetation communities in regional ecosystems, but it’s still tentative at this time. As in the past, I’ll announce it here once plans firm up.

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