iNaturalist receives $10 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

I imagine some or most of you have already seen the announcement on the iNat website, but if you haven’t, iNaturalist has received a US$10 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation!

Part of this grant comes in the form of donation matching through December 31, 2023. One-time donations will be doubled, and recurring donations (monthly, quarterly, or annual) will be tripled.

Read more in our blog post (with FAQs) here.

And you can donate here.

We’re incredibly grateful to the Moore Foundation and to everyone who has contributed their time, energy, knowledge, and resources to iNaturalist. We think this is a big step toward making those contributions last and make an impact.


I saw this, very exciting :) Congrats!


Tripled because of the 3 months?, I thought DonoxBox had Ideal but is seems the more expensive/costly credit card is the only possible option for a montly donation ?
For single gifts ideal seems possible ?

Unfortunately, we aren’t eligible to set up iDEAL as a payment system in Donorbox at this time. If we are able to add it as a payment option in the future, we’ll let our donors know. I know that Europe has many payment systems that are more commonly used there (and have lower processing fees). Sorry we can’t take advantage of them yet. Thanks, @ahospers!


Good news!

This is amazing, congrats! I look forward to seeing what positive changes come from this! :)


Have to say, I was delighted to hear from @carrieseltzer about this! Many thanks to the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. :heart:
Easy enough to divide my annual donation into monthly payments to take advantage of the tripling offer.


According to the FAQ, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual donations are considered “recurring”.

This might be a good time for iNat to consider allowing people with quarterly and annual recurring donations to add that tag to their profile, not just those with monthly donations. If we can afford to donate the equivalent amount in one annual sum, that’s more money for iNat and less for the credit card companies. Isn’t that what we all want?


My company offers a 1:1 match up to $250 each year and the fiscal year started anew this week. So, my next iNat donation will be doubled by my employer and doubled again by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, how cool!



Nonprofit geek here. Are there any grant deliverables or outcomes you can share at this time other than the matching donations? I’m all in on this and will double my own donation but I’m curious about what other initiatives I can help support.


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