iNaturalist Scarecrow

I was in Ligonier, PA last weekend and they had a bunch of scarecrows in the town center, and this naturalist using iNaturalist was one of them. Notice the mantis she is identifying, on the wooden post next to her. Pretty cool! Powdermill Nature Reserve is a place nearby where they do lots of bird banding and other research. I think they were the makers of this particular scarecrow. Just thought I’d share this cool find we had! Image is attached, have no idea how this will work out…here goes…


How cool! When I was a kid, we used to live out that way in a little place called Leechburg. We’d always head toward Ligonier to go to Idlewild and Storybook Forest, amusement parks. At any rate, I associate Ligonier with some fun times.


That is very cool and imaginative. Love the mantis!


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