iNaturalist typo: "iNatrualist" on Google search bar

When I open a new Chrome browser tab on my Chromebook I get the default Google Search landing page including my pinned pages which of course contain iNaturalist. Today I noticed that iNaturalist is spelled “iNatrualist” under the icon for that page (see screenshot below).

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Chrome OS
Screenshot 2022-04-09 9.08.16 AM

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: Not really a “web” address, but this is when it appears: chrome://newtab/

I searched “spelling” on Bug Reports and this issue was not one of the 25 reports that resulted. Sorry if this has already been reported.

Hm, mine looks ok in Chrome.

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Delete your pin (with typo)
And pin a fresh one which is correct.

Does your pin go to iNat now?

Google search has pages and pages of iNatrualist. (Including another iNat Forum post in the first page of results) It seems you and I are the only two to notice ;~)

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Very good! Thank you @dianastuder
My usual platform is Mac Firefox where the “pinned” pages are automatically added based on my frequency of usage. I use the Chromebook for travel and I’m not as familiar with Chrome, so I forgot that in Chrome the pinned pages are added manually. I must have done so in the past and made the spelling error myself! I also used to build a lot of websites so I assumed that it was some file header error on the iNat site. Embarrassing. And I should have searched “iNatrualist” instead of “spelling” as well.


Not at all. I have very painful memories of typos. I was working in Zurich when they combined 2 of the 3 big university libraries. PR decided it would be good to launch on the day first year students arrived, went to the library and … The system didn’t actually grind to a halt. But it was agonisingly slow, and sod’s law, too many typos. And then we had to wait again!