iNaturalist website is down?

Yeah, it was probably Gerald.
it’s back for me too, but I wouldn’t get too exited yet, it’s been up and down a lot in the last little while.

Excuse me for asking, but who is Gerald?

2 Likes - careful though, it might take a while to load.


Maybe don’t click on that link if the server is unstable… I want to upload my observations before it crashes again ;-)


ok, you must click to expand the Obs Fields, they are awesome!
Animal behavior: building a dam
Beaver evidence: damming
Beaver quantity: 0
Common Name: Gerald
Roadkill?: no
Rough: Gerald is in rough shape after he thought he was a beaver
Snow quality: champagne


Common Name: Gerald

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Hi everyone, looks like the site was inaccessible from around 3-5:30 am US Eastern Time due to issues beyond our control at Azure where the servers are hosted.

About 12 hours before that (~4:30 pm Eastern Time), we had about 30 minutes of high load where most people couldn’t access the site due to an update on our end.

The Forum is hosted by Discourse itself, so its function is not tied to the iNat site. Hope that helps and sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s actually nice that the Forum is on a different server system. That at least let us console each other while waiting for it to come back!