iNaturalist World Tour to focus regionalization discussions

We’ve noticed that a lot of discussions on the forum are about internationalization and regionalization of iNaturalist to various parts of the world. These include discussions about issues with content (e.g. translations, common names, places) and also discussions about outreach strategy in different places.

In order to help focus these conversations and take a more comprehensive approach, we’ve launched something today called the ‘iNaturalist World Tour’
Each day we’ll feature a different country in a short blog post intended to kick off a discussion about these country related issues here on the forum (I’ll start a forum topic like this to accompany each).

We’re going in descending order based on number of observations (so today we’re focusing on the United States). This first week, the countries are pretty well established on iNat and generally English speaking. But I’m hoping that next week and beyond we’ll start highlighting some countries where there are some clear gaps and opportunities for us to discuss how to make iNaturalist work better in these countries.

We’re not saying you have to wait for a country to be featured to bring up related issues. This is just meant to complement existing conversations and make sure we focus a bit of attention on each country in turn. It should take us 36 weeks to get through them all.

Looking forward to the discussions!


Wow, this will be great! I dunno how srall ended up in Maine but that’s a really neat map nonetheless. Though we do need a wider geographic focus even in the US.

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Yeah I agree- maybe worth doing an analogous ‘us tour’ state by state


I was actually thinking of suggesting that after we get through all the countries.


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