Include taxon_geoprivacy in search filters

I set up a collection project to make a species list for a local watershed (mostly my own observations). As widely discussed in other topics on this forum, Auto-obscured observations within the project’s collection area are not captured by the project, which in this case would include dozens of my own observations. I figured a simple workaround to at least capture my own observations would be to run a search of Obscured observations from the “observations” tab on my dashboard (as shown in the following image) and just manually pick out the ones I knew to be within the search area to add directly to my list.
Unfortunately it was quickly apparent that this search was only returning observations that I had manually obscured, and did not include auto-obscured observations. There does not appear to be any way to set up a search that returns those observations.

It would be useful if a search filter was added to that drop-down for auto-obscured observations when the user is just searching their own observations from that page. It would pose no location privacy issues, and would be incredibly helpful for data management in the current situation where there’s really no perfect solution to the conflict between location privacy and the existing project setups.

A workaround:

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How on earth do you do that? I see that you have applied filters that return the data I’m looking for, but when I click “filters” the only thing I see is my username in the “person” field and “your observations” is checked.


There are some things you can only search for by editing the URL directly, in this case, by adding taxon_geoprivacy=obscured to the URL.

More info here:
How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - Wiki

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Thanks bouteloua, I was not aware of these tools. I’ll have to give this a thorough reading through- clearly very useful.

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