Incorrect borders for Thailand

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Step 1: Go to Explore tab

Step 2: Select “Thailand” to see observations there

Step 3: Zoom in on islands at the border with Myanmar.

Several islands of Thailand are not included within its borders. That is Koh Surin islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, pointed at in the screenshot. I understand borders are simplified and this is not exactly a bug but it would be nice to have them included in the country. They are not counted as part of Myanmar either, since I don’t think there is a Myanmar detailed borders file.

Not the first country I have seen with incorrect borders. Oman and UAE also do.

There is a long-term goal of fixing Standard (country-level, state-level, county-level) places, but it’s extremely hard on the database at this time, so I can’t tell you when this might happen.
For now, please go to the place page and select Flag This Place.

I’m going to close this bug report – please continue to use flags for issues with place borders.