Interesting British fauna suggestions

I would like to hear your recommendations of what British fauna I should consider looking for.

Anything you can find, you can start with the list of what already was observed:
Doing that, you will find rarer or unobserved species, the more you look out, the more you find! Look for taxa you never paid attention before if you want a challenge.


Thanks for the advice!

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If you ever have the change to go to Scotland, try to find wallabies! There’s a very small population of these animals that probably escaped from zoos that now live as invasive species, but I think that that would be a nice experience for you, if you didn’t know they were there.


James Lowen has written some books that you might be interested in taking a look at:

A Summer of British Wildlife
52 Wildlife Weekends: A Year of British Wildlife-Watching Breaks
Much Ado about Mothing

BBC Wildlife Magazine also has tips on wildlife to look out for in each month of the year. It really comes down to where you live, what areas are most accessible for you, and what you’re most interested in. It could be beach-combing along the coast, exploring some of Britain’s rainforests, looking for moths at a light in your back garden, or travelling to look for particular species such as puffins, pasqueflowers or murmurations of starlings.


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