Interesting Observations of Ants

Hello, everyone. This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I noticed a couple of ants on the wall. It was fascinating to see the ants moving behind one another. An interesting thing I noticed is that when there were ants coming in opposite directions, the two ants would “mingle”, and then keep going in their respective directions. This interaction would occur every time two ants met in opposite directions. I wonder if this is how the individual ants know where to go, along with the chemical trail left by previous ants?

Also, I noticed that there was an ant which seemed to be “lost”. Instead of going along with the other ants, it was first going up, then down, then to the side, etcetera. It was really funny, and understandable. I, too, have a terrible sense of direction! Unfortunately, my phone’s camera cannot zoom that much to get a good picture of the ants.


Yes, it’s a normal behavior as they’re from one colony when they met they touch each other with antennae “speaking” that way and interchanging information.


It’s also a way to make sure they are from the same colony by examining the scent of the passerby. Additionally, the physical contact transfers some body oils, which keeps the colony scent in synch (this technique even extends to non-ant ‘guests’ in a colony).


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