Intro and Noobie Question: How Many Observations of a Species?

All sides of birds are shown in proper guides though.


can you elaborate by what you mean as ‘proper guides’? Some feature on iNat?

Or are you just referring to other sorts of reference material that are high grade. I have 4 different bird guides and none of them show all angles of a bird although I found a reference pdf for warblers that shows them from different angles but then, one depiction of a bird doesn’t always help. I find the more depictions I can reference, the more sure I can feel one way or another (confirm or eliminate)

But my comment was mostly about making a point that multiple photos of an organism can serve many purposes.

And if by ‘proper guide’ you were referring to a feature on iNat, that would be a good thing to know. :-)

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I love it. I hope you made a comment on the observation about about just that: “they jettison cargo in the second before launch” since that could prove really interesting to a more casual observer of nature that is using iNat. And a perfect example of how ‘one more photo’ of a bird is showing something distinctive.

I personally didn’t want to gather a lot of repeat photos of a particular species for last weekends CNC. But I did upload four for American Robin - one female gathering mud for the nest, one male I assume was the mate (nest being built in my backyard), one of the nest, and one more in a nearby park of a female with mud on her breast.

Maybe it’s my teaching background that finds stuff like that exciting and I seek to illuminate it for others learning and getting excited about nature.


I support your omment, just noting that if you struggling to find angles in photos there’re usually artists who draw those. I have no idea about USA guides, I only remember Collins, and he does depict birds from many angles as I see. But other best guide artists like Svensson and Johsson can be an example too.

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