Introduction and a bit about my observations!

Not sure if this is the place I should be putting my intro, but I’ll put it here anyway!

So hello! I’m Grace, and while I’m new to the iNatForum, I’ve been on iNaturalist for…a year now?
I’m under 18, but my views on nature are none less huge! (Was that good grammar? Eh, moving on)
I’m a huge fan of all things nature, and whenever my mom says I can be done with school (I’m homeschooled), I run outside with a sketchbook and field guide to take in as much of the outdoors as my eyes will allow.
my photos aren’t that good of quality, as I mostly use my cell phone to take them (And my hands are pretty shaky)
most of my observations will be from my backyard, as Covid has forced me to stay home, and now I’m on the Forum, talking to other people about nature.
I’m an artist, and I enjoy taking inspiration from the outside and applying it to my artwork (A large amount of my art will be my profile pics)
I’m interested in talking about all nature topics, but I’m in no way an expert, I love learning new things!

Have a great day everyone! :dragon: :sparkles:


You can also use your sketches, instead of photos, on iNat.


Sounds A LOT like me, lol. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy looking at your new profile pics. :)


Welcome to the Forum (and @brownfam if it is your first post). It’s an interesting place, and a good way to learn more stuff!

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I’ve got at least 2 voices in my head! For more about neurodiversity see .
My only advice is to keep going. It looks like you have a good base of knowledge, and with time (if you want) you could branch out. There are no rules on what you can and cannot observe on iNat, nor about identification (my preferred side of things [moths]).


Welcome! You might be surprised at how much life you can find in your backyard. Staying in one place gives new opportunity to notice things you’ve never noticed before. Enjoy!


Hi Grace!
Welcome! There is a lot to learn here if you are motivated! We are happy to have you here. I know that had my science teachers taught me about the plants and animals around me, I would have taken more science courses for sure! I enjoy a lot of subjects, but when I think about a job I could do the rest of my life and be happy … working outside is one of those jobs!


I am so glad to see young people sharing an interest in science via iNaturalist! Wish this had been around when I was young and troubled. (And I’m enjoying it now, too.)


Thanks for the kind words, all!

I’m super glad to be here, and I’m glad that I recognize a few “Faces” on here as well ^^

~Grace :dragon: :sparkles:

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Welcome to iNaturalist Grace!

I agree with Faerout. There is a lot to see in backyards if you look carefully. Stories can unfold in front of your eyes and make you wonder about how Nature works. In my backyard there is a large mulberry tree. Weeks ago a couple of white-winged doves tried to build a nest on one of the tree’s crotches. For several days I watched them bringing small sticks to the nest and patiently trying to fit them with the others. I kept thinking: “Boy! That would be a lot of tiring work if I had to build something like that with my mouth!” One evening the wind picked up and the following day the nest was gone. I have not seen these doves since then but a pair of white-collared doves have begun to build their nest on smaller branches of the same tree further away from the trunk. I was convinced that they would succeed to complete the nest and raise their young there. Unfortunately Nature seems to have other plans. Lately the wind has been blowing more regularly and the nest is precariously hanging in there but the birds are not showing up anymore.
Will this mulberry tree ever be a bird’s home this breeding season?

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I am also under eighteen, glad to know I’m not the only young person here!:smiley:


There’s actually quite a lot of us! You may want to check out the project Young Naturalists Community. There’s also a related Discord server.


Ayeeee…I was waiting for someone to mention it!

I might have to join that!

I’d join that too, although I’d have to barefaced lie about my age…! Seriously, it’s great that young folks are so involved.

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I wish you could, although lying about your age would be a crime! :joy:
But yes, I highly recommend it to anyone under 18 using iNat, I’m fairly new to it as a project, but I already feel at home!

It’s nice to be able to talk to people your age, about nature, and not feel awkward. We joke around a lot, have inside jokes, and the project is super active, so your observations will almost always get an ID!


Well played! :joy: :joy:

Oooh cool! I’ll check it out!

I joined, it looks great!

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Glad you mentioned it…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll request all of the young people to join and tell about this project to other young iNatters too !