iPhone 15 macro mode

More of a tech question but I use this feature solely for iNat observations. Is there any way to lock macro mode on the iphone? It is getting annoying that it keeps switching in and out while trying to focus on small subjects such as dragonflies. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum! I use an iPhone 15 as well and I love using macro mode. To lock it in macro mode you can set your phone to 0.5x zoom. This switches your phone camera to the 13mm camera, which is what macro mode uses. This camera allows you to get as close as 2 cm to the subject. After taking the photo, I recommend cropping it closer to the subject if necessary

(0.5x zoom button)

(Cropped photo of a beetle taken with 0.5x zoom)


Yeah, this is truly frustrating!

Another workaround is to use focus/exposure lock. Focus on something that’s about the distance you’ll want to use for macro, then tap on the focused area for a few seconds. This will lock the camera’s focus (and exposure) so that it won’t keep hunting - it’s focused on a fixed distance from the lens. Then it’s a matter of moving the camera closer to or further from your subject until it’s in the camera’s locked plane of focus.