iPhone app endlessly asking to log into iNaturalistAU

Using an iPhone SE.

Since iNaturalistAU came out, the iPhone app keeps endlessly asking me whether I want to join. Whether I select ‘OK’ or ‘No’, I am taken to a buggy second screen asking me to enter details. There seems to be no way to interact successfully with this screen if one already has an account, other than to dismiss the ‘Sign Up’ modal, which then keep bringing it up again and again in an endless loop.

There is a link for users that already have an account, which is obscured (possibly through faulty CSS) underneath other text and cannot be interacted with.

Images of the two screens:

This is a known bug, I’m sorry it’s affecting you. For now the best solution is to delete and reinstall the app (sorry about that), but the next version of the app should reduce/eliminate the chances of this happening again.


Thanks @tiwane,

I have tried that, and it helps for a day or two at most.

The best workaround I’ve found is to close the application altogether, and then you get a few minutes / hours without another prompt.


Hi @mftasp,

Is this still happening on iOS? I added an update to how we do authentication on November 22, and hopefully this bug is squashed. If you’re still running into this problem, please let me know.

Happy holidays,


Hi @alex, thanks!!!

I haven’t noticed the issue for the last couple of weeks, so I’d say it was a success.

Thanks for the note!