Is a restored prairie cultivated or wild?

I volunteer on a 60 year old, planted, Tallgrass Prairie. Native prairie plants were originally planted on a fallow piece of land that was previously farmland. Now, 60 years later, the prairie has repopulated itself from the original plants and has grown in abundance.

Should this type of planting be considered wild, since most of the plants have spontaneously grown from natural seed dispersal and non-human intervention? Or should plants located in this prairie be considered cultivated?



The original plants were cultivated. Any offspring that naturally sow themselves are wild.


It would be useful to researchers to document Land use/disturbance in the Notes or Comments about the history of that location. Something like “Former farmland restored in the 1960’s.” Perhaps include a link to a reference paper/newspaper article, etc.
Sounds like a wonderful place!


You can check older topics about restoration.

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