Is it possible to change the login method?


When I first registered to iNaturalist, I chose “login via Google”. But later noticed that everytime I login from my computer, I need to give permissions to iNaturalist server, and google detects this as a security concern and sending me e-mails and security notifications. This would not be bothering me if it was just one time situation, but it happens everytime and my mailbox is filled with security notifications concerning iNaturalist logins.

Is there a way to switch my login method to a standard registration and create a password for iNaturalist? Without losing my observations and profile?



After logging into iNaturalist with Google, you use the menu in the upper-right to load your “Account Settings” page. There you’ll see your username and email address, and underneath an option to change your password. If you registered using a third-party login you probably don’t have an existing password, but you can use that form to create one. After adding a password you should be able to log into your account from the web or using the iNaturalist mobile apps using your username and password.

In the Account Settings page you can also load the “Applications” tab to connect your account to other third-parties if you’d rather do that. For example you could connect a Twitter account and use Twitter as a third-party login, if that’s something you wanted to try.


This solution works. Thank you very much!

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