Is it possible to filter for more than 1 Person in filters box?

Is it possible to filter for more than 1 person, in the filter by using a comma as a separator for example or some other method. Or are we restricted to filtering observations in an area to 1 observer? A friend and I are working on a project over a large area made up of multiple small areas and we would be nice to easily filter for just our observations of the species that we are interested in. Thanks.

yep, just add the extra name in the URL, comma separated,gjn&verifiable=any shows both your and my observations combined


Thank you very much. Simple when you know how.


Yes, that’s the rub. As far as I know, this tidbit is not documented anywhere. And it’s not the only one, I’m afraid.

In general, your best bet is to just try it. First try a comma-separated list of parameter values (no spaces). If that doesn’t work, try adding the letter “s” to the parameter name.

For example, &place_id, &user_id, and &photo_license each take a comma-separated list. On the other hand, &taxon_id won’t take a comma-separated list, you have to use &taxon_ids instead. Go figure.

Actually it is documented. At the bottom footer of each page is a link to documentation for developers.

All searches use the API’s. This documents what can be done with them. You just need to know which one to look at (searching uses get functions so for example get/observations).

You can even ‘try it out’ there if you are unclear how it works and it will build a string of the url parameters which you can then cut and paste into your url on the site.

So for example under get/observations user_id it says provide multiple values in new lines telling you it will accept multiple values (the multiple lines get converted to a comma separated list when you do the try it out).

@gjn, check out this topic for lots of other search tips:

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