Is it possible to filter for observations identified by a specific person?

I’d like to be able to see all observations of a particular species that I have identified. I don’t see this option in the search dialog, is it possible to do this?


You can do this with URL parameters. There is no point-and-click interface for this that I know of.

Here are all observations that you have ID’d as European swallow-wort:

For this to work, you need the taxon_id of whatever taxon you’re looking for. If you look at the taxon page for v. rossicum,, you find its taxon_ID in the URL. It’s 632667.

Generally, there’s a topic here on the forums that goes into more depth of how to use the URL parameters than I could explain:


Another option is ident_user_id, e.g. blueberry observations you’ve added an ID to:


that’s great, thank you!

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