Is it possible to filter out observations by a specific user?

I spend time most days trying to identify or confirm observations. I’ve used the filters to select what I want to see (which comes down to things I might be able to identify) and that works relatively well.

I was wondering, though, if it is possible to filter out the observations by a specific user? There are literally more than 20000 observations by the same user I cannot say anything about. It are mostly landscape pictures which have been submitted multiple times with different identifications.

I have a slow internet connection and it takes quite some time to move from one observation to the next. As there are so many of these observations I won’t be able to do anything useful with anyway, I’d like to be able to filter them out.

To be clear I’m not complaining. I’m just looking for an efficient solution to something I experience as a problem.


There’s the addition to url &not_user_id=xxxxx (instead of “user id any”), I believe it should help.

Select filters
Select more
Enter name of the user:

No, I mean new to the list species, e.g. a project for the birds of 2020, I want to know observations of each new to the project species were added last.

@marina_gorbunova is that related to this topic? I’m wondering if my view of this is muddled up somehow…

this is what I am seing:

Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried this but it doesn’t work. It filters away everything.

Thanks for the reply.
This shows me all the observations by one specific user.
I’m looking for a way to exclude those observations.

Then you done it somehow different.
Check this link and replace place id and user id as you need it.

As @marina_gorbunova’s example shows, you have to use the user id number with this parameter. The user name will not work.

Also, if you want to exclude more than one user, you should be able to list multiple numbers separated by commas.

For more information on this and other URL hacks, see

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Great! That works. I had used the user name, not the ID.
Thanks a lot for the help.


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