Is it possible to look up taxon IDs in bulk?

For my gall phenology project, I’m fetching the “Host Plant ID” observation field along with observations. When correctly entered (IE using the taxon picker, not just entered as text), this field outputs the numerical code corresponding to the taxon. Is it possible to somehow give the API a list of taxa by name and get the corresponding taxon codes back all at once? At the moment I’m checking for missing values in my database and manually adding them as they come up.

Also, is there a way to know from just the numerical code whether a taxon is a species rather than a higher level? I only want to convert species-level codes but there seems to be no way to exclude higher-level host IDs without manually keeping a list of those as well.

there’s a DWCA taxon export, and the AWS Open Dataset’s metadata files includes a taxon list, too. these should be snapshots of at least active taxa that are updated periodically. both should include scientific names and ranks (i think). the DWCA export also includes common names, if i’m remembering correctly. just search the forum for either of these, if you want more information.


That’s a good lead, thanks!

This worked beautifully (just need to iron out some kinks in my knowledge of SQLite, but the exact info I wanted and more is in here and very conveniently so). Thanks again, your help on this project has been much appreciated!

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