Is there a way to share coordinates

Frequently I run into a situation where what I found is either auto obscured or I want to obscure it, but I would like to let someone else know where it is. Is there a way share coordinates with some on the observation?

Two options I can think of

  1. a traditional project where you trust the coordinates with other people that you approve as curators
  2. share a screenshot/copy paste the actual gps

For users that you follow, you can ‘trust’ them with your hidden coordinates


Ah, I didn’t know about that. I’ll check that out.

As @egordon88 and @thebeachcomber said, the way to do it is by projects or trusting people with hidden coordinates. However, please be careful with that as there is a chance someone you trust with hidden coordinates may use those coordinates for poaching, telling others the location, abusing the coordinates, etc.


Additionally, if someone has commented or suggested an ID on an observation of yours, there’s a shortcut to trust them with (all) of your hidden observations there as well-- click on the little down-arrow in the top right corner. It also lets you turn the setting off, if you need that at a later date.

It has the same effect as adding them to your trusted list, but is usually far faster.

If you don’t want to let someone see everything, I would guess that copying/pasting GPS coordinates into a message that also has the links for the corresponding coordinates would be easiest.


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