Is there an easy way to add observations to a journal post?

I’ve tried adding observations to appear in a journal post of mine but I have to manually go back through tens to hundreds of pages by date only to get the observations I’m looking for in 2017 and 2018, there doesn’t appear to be a searching feature. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Under the “Your Observations” tab you can go into the “Filters” portion and select specific dates, locations, species, etc. That will limit the observations to those specified by the filter, then you can go to the specific observation and link from there.

There are probably several other ways of doing this too, but that’ll at least avoid the hunting through many, many observation pages manually.

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Unfortunately there is no clear way to access “your observations” when adding things to a journal post as far as I can tell, here’s what I’m talking about:

I’m pleased you’ve raised this @rynaturalist. I have the same issue. I can see how to add my most recent observations to my journal post, but what to do if I want to refer to something much older (among my >10000 observations) or of someone else’s?
I’d do a lot more journal posts if these was a straightforward solution.


There is an old and languishing Feature Request that includes this issue, which folks might want to revive by weighing in here:

Also some suggestions there that might help as a temporary work-around.

Seems like what is needed is just the same Filters functionality that is available in Explore or Batch Edit.


I agree, a new layout is needed with the Filters functionality, I was just curious to ask if anyone here had any workarounds.

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