Is there an "iNaturalist library" that lists mentions in scientific papers?

It’s always a joy when I’m reading a scientific paper and see an iNaturalist observation cited somewhere in the text. Is there a library or catalogue on here that keeps track of each of these instances?


It’s so exciting to see iNat mentioned… well, outside of iNat! I’d love some sort of catalog like that. I’m sure something like that exists

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If you are looking for a source that documents any mention of iNat, you’re probably out of luck. However, these wikis lists published papers that use iNat data through 2019 and 2020 onward. Then there are all of the publications that cite GBIF exports of iNat data.


You could try Google Scholar. Put in the group name, and add iNat to the search. I’ve never done it, but it might throw up some papers.

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