Is this myrtle rust and why is this website so hard?

Kia ora koutou,
The myrtle rust dot org website directs people here but once here there’s no info about what to do next. Main message ‘myrtle rust is major biosecurity threat’. Ok got that. Now what? Have joined and navigated the worst (possibly taxonomically correct but not user friendly) website.

Rant over. Is this myrtle rust? And if it is, what do I about it? And if I did touch it, what should I do?

And I would post more images but have discovered that new users can only post one image. Utterly frustrating experience…

Hi Joe and welcome to the forum :)

I think the myrtle rust website has set up their hyperlink incorrectly, because this is the iNaturalist forum (i.e. where people can discuss iNaturalist, its features, nature in general) as opposed to iNaturalist itself! If you head to, you can create an account for yourself, and upload your myrtle rust there to get the ID confirmed/corrected. You’ll also be able to post as many photos of as many things as you like, and you’ll find the interface a lot more user friendly :)

Feel free to ask any more questions if you’re unsure


And once you get onto iNat itself, the help page should be able to answer most of your questions:


Which myrtle rust web site are you talking about? [There doesn’t appear to be a]

Perhaps they want you to upload observations you’ve made to iNaturalist?

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Thanks for the super quick replies folks. I got here from:

It’s not the best way to discover a website, but as I live in a place full of kereru, tui, ruru, skinks and goodness knows what else, may have to take a longer look…

But keep clicking on the link and finding myself in an infinite feedback look which redirects here… maddening!

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Yes, it seems on the Report It page that goes to (interestingly not to but international nodes don’t work well together anyway).

So it seems you should submit the record on iNat. You should probably ID it as myrtle rust yourself so the NZ mycologists are more likely to see it and that’s all you need to do.

You might also like to see what the myrtle-rust-reporter project has to add (just search for that on iNat).


Hi @Citizen,

It looks like the Myrtle Rust website provided the correct link,

But somehow you ended up here instead:

To post your observation for ID on iNaturalist, you first need to create an iNaturalist account using

Or, if you prefer to use the phone app instead of the web site, download and install the app for Android or iPhone, and either sign up through the app, or sign in via the app if you already created an iNaturalist account. Or you can use all of the above.

Note that the account that you created when you joined this Forum is completely separate, and is not linked to your iNaturalist account. (Although the Forum does prefer that you use the same user name in both places if possible. And you can set up your Forum account to sign in to the Forum using your iNaturalist credentials, if you like.)


Thanks again for info. Likely infinite loop caused by being logged into both simultaneously, so will log out of both and see what happens…

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You can be logged in to the different iNat domains simultaneously - I’m occasionally logged in to the Australian AND Global one without a problem (usually after following links).

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